Saturday, June 13, 2009

In addition

While I'm at it, I figured I'd post some pieces that were created during my stay in John Larison's Materials and Techniques for Sequential Art class.
The first is a work in progress acrylic painting of a mountain range in Utah. The saturation level is still too high, and I feel that two more layers should suffice to tone it down. I will post that image when it's completed.
The second was my way of reflecting upon a negative experience I had in February with a man who was breaking into my roommate's car. Working as a student animator often requires that we keep late hours, and one night, I found myself returning to my apartment at 3 am. Apparently, I wasn't the only one outside. A man, who I so lovingly described as a "crackhead," was there as well. We had a conflict, which mainly involved me yelling at him to leave the premises. I have never been both so grateful for, and so afraid of, my loud New York mouth. Anyway, when it was time to create a 3 panel scratchboard comic, I decided to revolve my story around the characterization of a crackhead. Instead of conveying negativity with text, I chose to include lyrics from the gospel song Farther Along.
The third image is a watercolor, involving a cranky humanesque character, who really wants his toxic piece of toast. Alas, his breakfast manages to escape, yet reaches a sorry end on the kitchen floor. I have to admit that, mixing some of those blues and greens, was absolute torment.
I was oddly obsessed with toast during the quarter, and if you flip through to one of the earlier posts, you will see a simple animation I created in Flash, which also involves a flying piece of toast. Sometimes, I don't even understand my sense of humor.

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