Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night, I launched a new blog, entitled Poetymology. If you can't tell, it revolves around poetry. Through this site, I aim to create an open-minded online forum for the medium, so that it may continue playing its role as an outward manifestation, and essentially a derivation, of the human spirit. There is, of course, a lot more to the concept behind the blog, which is all iterated in its initial "mission statement" of a post. This is where I cue you to redirect to that site, or at least contemplate doing so as soon as you finish reading the next paragraph.
I am encouraging anyone who reads this blog to submit pieces of their poetic work. Go for it. Send it over. Just please, use good (enough) taste, and make sure that it doesn't date back to when you were in the 3rd grade, and had your "America the Beautiful" poem published in the local newspaper. Stop laughing. It happened to me.
Please send your submissions to Make sure to ramble a bit about yourself and your work before you get to the poetry point. Also, please include your professional title, and where you currently live. That's all important information. I will make sure to get it posted within 5-7 business days from receiving it.

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