Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Grown Up & Back in NY

Since returning to my home state of NY 2 months ago, I have spent most of my time at home, organizing things, and figuring out where exactly to go from here. I ventured out for one show back in January, and didn't step forward for another until Saturday, March 18th. That night, I saw All Grown Up play at Mr. Beery's in Bethpage, LI, and couldn't have been more delighted. The bar was overflowing with elated attendees, excited to see a favorite band of theirs performing on a home stage. Though I knew little about the band walking in (late) to the show, I left feeling like I connected parts of my musical past in this place with those of the present and future.
All Grown Up's drummer has relocated to North Carolina, the same state that I moved to in my escape from NY back in 2006. Feeling an affinity with both states left me feeling an affinity with this band. During the performance, a few jokes flew that involved the word "confederate," and I couldn't help but crack up and get as giddy as a child, as I recalled the countless times my NY friends have referred to me as being the exact same thing. Down south, the proper terms are usually "damn yankee" and "carpetbagger." That moment reminded me of why I felt the need to peek at the world outside of this place, how I grew to love the south, and also why I'm happy to be home again.

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