Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Day in the Life

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While living in Savannah, GA, I spent time contributing to local website as a music photographer and writer. Even after leaving the city to return home to NY, I kept on working with the site. Below are a series of links to the articles I've played a part in creating. They are in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Enjoy!

Yet We Are the Movers & Shakers of the World, Forever, It Seems

Tales of "Sad Bastards" & Other Showmen

The Northern Invasion

Jamison Murphy: Born to Perform

A Day with Oryx & Crake (and then some)

Give Us Your Tour!

Oryx & Crake: 9 Pieces of Margaret Atwood

Halloween Photo Roundup

Wednesday Photo Roundup: 10/27/10

Wednesday Photo Roundup: 10/20/10
Dare Dukes: Evidence of an Underground

Slingshot Via Savannah: The Sleeping Wake Here

"Bird" Music Video Shoot: Day 2

A Lil' Venture with General O

Fitzsimmons & Golan @ Wormhole

Mobbing the Midnight Hour

Robot Love Conquers All

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