Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Premise; The Project

For my project, I would like to create a stream of consciousness, experimental piece, which is a reflection upon some of my past experiences. The visual aspects of the film will be a mix of frame-by-frame animation, cut-outs, and illustrated pixelation. All dialogue will be voice-over narration, which reads as follows:

I used to think that new area codes equaled new existences, but everyone still has my contact information. There are no new highways when they all have rest stops; when everyone you know is just a thumbnail representation of every gesture you've ever made; every lie you've been told; every secret you've kept; every sad, lanky bartender who wanted to run away with you in an air-conditioned car. We'll admire the crackle of burning cigarettes in the dry Texas air. No one will notice; no one will care-except for the debt collectors. They always have a friend's phone number in case you conveniently disappear. He still lives in that city. I wonder if he's still sad. He'd probably be much less attractive if he isn't.

I have a full production blog for this potential piece, which can be viewed at:

I will be augmenting the already existent pre-production materials, and will post them as soon as they are completed.


  1. I think the premise for your project is great. Did you write the paragraph that you are going to use for the voice over? If not, where did you find it? I really like it. It will add a nice emotional quality to your piece and give it a good pace. I think a stream of consciousness piece would be fun to work on. If you use a style similar to the illustration you posted, I think it will turn out well. I can't wait to see it completed!

  2. I don't know how valid this comment will be since it looks like you're pretty far along on pre-production, but I really like the idea of animating a "stream of consciousness". I haven't seen a whole lot of experimental Flash animation, so it's nice to see it can be done :3

  3. HEPHHANNIIEE!Hmm... SO DEEP. This sounds really cool, though. I can't wait to see how it looks. It's really interesting because the way you've described it, it's still very open ended. It seems like the animation could go so many different direction. Heh? I'm not good at talking... It reminds me of a dreary painting. Something dark, somber, and blue. Maybe a splash of orange every now and then.

  4. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I don't think I've seen a lot of experimental animation using flash. You seem to have really solidified idea of it already, so I can't really think of anything that might help at the moment. Good luck with it! :)

  5. Whoa. I didn't see all of these comments. Thanks! I'm gonna see if I can pull this one off. The design elements still need to be nailed down. The illustrations in the animatic are just roughs. Sooooo, we'll see. Thanks for the feedback.