Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Heart 8 mm

My WIP video for Shut up Sean's song Got a Hold will contain, what I hope will be, nifty geometric and camera animation, as well as the usage of graphic Flash cut-outs. Aw, isn't the unification of vector-based programs adorable? Anyway, the aesthetics of the film will take on characteristics of the previous 2 posts, and projections of simulated Super 8 footage will be incorporated using After Effects. Here are a few clips that I've taken the liberty of Super8ifying. I shot some pixilation in downtown Manhattan, fiddled with it in After Effects, and then exported it at 15 fps. In the end, I do not want it to possess such a sepia tone; rather I would like it to contain more muted reds and yellows. In other words, less 1920s, more late 1960s/1970s. Rock on.

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