Thursday, April 1, 2010

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One very large After Effects file later, I've brought my SIGGRAPH Asia/SCAD piece to a reasonable conclusion. Aside from playing multiple, visual roles on this project, I also had the pleasure of creating my 1st "original" music track. I am not a sound designer by any means, and am entirely unfamiliar with commonly used sound programs; hence, I used Adobe Premiere CS4, which serves a decent enough purpose. Though I've been able to teach myself a lot throughout this exploit, I could not figure out a way to successfully remove "room tone" from some of the convention center clips, and will be making an attempt to augment the full track in the near future.
To digress for a moment, manipulating sound is a highly abstract procedure. It's like working from your mind's eye-from something intangible. I'm accustomed to seeing, not hearing, my process, and noticed that I compile sound like an animator. Anyway, below is a low res version of the film. It will be used by SCAD to promote their Hong Kong campus, which will be opening in the Fall of 2010.

*Video updated since original posting.

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