Thursday, April 9, 2009


As part of an assignment, we were provided with some of Eadweard Muybridge's footage from the 19th Century. Originally animated at 30 fps, I posted it at 15 fps to make viewing easier.
Muybridge's name is quite frequently mentioned amongst artists and animators, and somewhere in my subconscious, he's definitely on a pedestal. Apparently, in 1874, he shot and killed his wife's lover, and then his lawyer pleaded insanity, claiming that Muybridge's rash behavior was a result of head injuries sustained by the photographer in a stagecoach accident 20 years prior. Muybridge was acquitted.
Sorry, I can't resist factoids.
Anyway, I decided to use this man's footage as an exercise in free hand fun. Black and white photography creates such distinct shadow patterns, and I felt that rotoscoping was a great opportunity to incorporate that into animation.

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