Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brandon Nelson McCoy

Guitar Pickin' Man

Picture yourself walking down Broadway in Nashville, TN at about 7PM on a Friday. You're on a road trip, and you decide to stop in the country music capital to see what the beer tastes like. A door to one of the strip's many bars is ajar, so you step inside. The door guy charges you $2, and tells you that they're serving Bud on draft for $3 a pint this evening. Inside, the walls are adorned with giant photographs of country music legends-Gene Autry, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline. In here the beer tastes like Bud, and the air smells of cigarettes; however something from the speakers sounds like bluegrass blown south to a big city; infused with a twang of nostalgia, and seeking anyone else who might be a friend of the devil. Picture Brandon Nelson McCoy, and you've successfully pictured Georgia's own succession to the history of country music sensibility.

Originally, from Calhoun, GA, McCoy moved to Savannah to study English at Armstrong University. Many literature aficionados also prove themselves to be great songwriters, something that McCoy, who's been writing lyrics since he was 9-years-old, clearly understands. About a year ago, Brandon made his live debut when he played 5 songs as an opener at Tantra, in what he describes as a "...very nerve-wracking experience." Despite the stage fright, something clicked, and in July he launched Brandon Nelson McCoy & the Sad Bastards.

Show Support

Fronted by McCoy, the Sad Bastards are Thomas Worley (drums), Andrew Plymire (bass) and is cemented by McCoy's childhood friend Kyle Martin on lead guitar. Though Martin will soon depart from the troupe to tend to academic obligations, the Sad Bastards will continue expanding their sound, and are hoping to add pedal steel to the mix. States McCoy, "I couldn't imagine NOT playing music. It seems like I'm stuck with it, and it's stuck with me."

-McCoy will be showcasing his new endeavor, The Sad Bastard Stringband at The Wormhole in Savannah on Friday, February 4th at 9PM. He will be joined by local favorite Dare Dukes, as well as west coast troupe The Red River.

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