Monday, September 28, 2009


I decided to practice a bit more with After Effects. This time, I created some text/collage animation. After doctoring an old B&W photo in Photoshop, I pulled a line from my favorite Charles Bukowski poem Style. AE CS4 has this nifty Puppet Pin tool that lets you "rig" still photos for animation. So, I then made the man himself do a little dance to a segment of Charles Mingus' Haitian Fight Song. The video seen here has the corrections I'd proposed in an earlier version of this post (ie, fix the shoulder, add more animation to "Everything," and synch the dance better with the song). All in all, this was a simple, fun project that didn't take long, and also made me chuckle. Another successful Adobe Premiere chop job. Gee, I just plugged Adobe a lot in this post. "Can you say Adobe? Uh-doh-beeee!"

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