Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Songs of Experience

Today, I learned that an article I wrote for has received an Editor's Choice Award. It's called In the Shadow of Personal History, and is a review of sorts of Art Spiegelman's graphic novel In the Shadow of No Towers. I'm totally honored that they appreciated my writing. It's also pretty neat to see a link for your article right at the top of the homepage.
I had a similar experience last year when I poem that I'd written received an award from a different site. I believe that these 2 pieces of writing bear social significance in that they are, well, somewhat relevant to contemporary affairs. The poem is, of course, about a guy. I think he's the only guy I ever wrote volumes for. He appreciated them when we were kids. So, though poetry and emotional frivolity are not really things I indulge in anymore, I'm posting that final poem here, as a salute to Romanticism as a whole.

34th between 5th and Park

Bar stool exhibition.
Neon signs and drowning stocks.
Heavy - lidded light and languid talkers say,
"Sir, you are safe.
Argyle socks will be up again in a few days."
At a glance; At a gaze.
Looking through and not at
Out of reservation.
Playing not coy,
Rather, sarcastic;
Editing the impulse to stare,
To jump out of my chair
And exclaim,
"It's you! Right there!
You look the same,
Down to the slicked back hair!"
Awestruck and wanting to tell all-
Only playing hours long Devil's Advocate,
Lending the wrong impression.
I am sorry for that.
You are so you,
And I-
Was so scared.

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