Friday, September 25, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Throughout most of the summer, and into September, I have worked with, creating listings for small businesses in Bellmore. Basically, it's involved collecting basic data, a few little personal pieces of information, and taking photos. It's been both a fun and exhausting experience. After spending so much time (willingly) removed from Long Island, becoming what I jokingly refer to as "Miss Bellmore," has been pretty cool. I feel like helping businesses by providing free advertisements for them during a terrible economic time is a great service.
The photos posted here are some of my favorites out of the ones I took. They've all been augmented in Photoshop, and though I think that they could use more tweaks, I'm going to leave them as is for now. So, enjoy your little slice of Long Island, and feel free to visit A link is featured in the first sentence.

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